You Can’t Fail, Inc. is Now Accepting Applications for the 2019
Millennial Women Making Moves Learning Community

You Can’t Fail, Inc., is committed to working with a portfolio of professional partners to bridge the
diversity gap by connecting and developing top talent and securing them employment.

Millennial Women Making Moves Leadership Learning Community (MWMMLC) seeks early- to mid- level career professional women leaders who are:

• Interested in developing and accelerating their leadership skills and career paths
• Interested in developing an achievable and measurable career plan
• Committed and available to participate in a learning community
• Willing and able to collaborate with other aspiring and current women leaders
• Interested in being linked with key partners and mentors to help them obtain opportunities to
accelerate their career

2019 Learning Community Session Dates:

Applicants selected for the learning community will be required to attend all sessions.
Sessions will be held the third Saturday of each month from April to October 2019:
April 13th
May 18th
June 15th
July 20th
August 17th
September 21st
October 19th

Information about MWMMLC:

• MWMMLC is a leadership development program specifically designed to develop and accelerate
the career paths of early- and mid-career professional women of color.
• MWMMLC consists of at least 6 meetings and assignments over the course of the program.
• Participants will be assigned a personal mentor who is a senior leader and is relevant to the
participant’s professional industry. This mentor will provide periodic mentor sessions to assist
with identifying and securing relevant employment opportunities.
• Due to the in-depth curriculum and interactive nature of MWMMLC, participants are expected
to attend all in-person workshop sessions.
• Participants who successfully complete the program will be included in a MWMM Leadership
Learning Community resume booklet, which will be distributed to various corporate partners.
• MWMMLC is open to women leaders ages 25-40 who identify as African American,
Latina/Hispanic, and/or Native American or otherwise underrepresented in their professional
industries of employment.
• There is no educational requirement, i.e., you do not need a college degree to apply or
participate in this program. Qualified candidates will have 1-15 years of experience and
demonstration top talent.
• There is no application fee. Also, this program is fully funded by You Can’t Fail’s strategic
partners. There is no financial cost to program participants
• Completed applications and recommendation must be submitted online by 1/11/19 to You Can’t Fail, Inc.
Recommendations should be emailed to

MWMMLC Deliverables:

• Development of a Leadership/Career Plan
• Present Leadership Development/Career Plan at the closing ceremony
• Periodic mentor sessions (scheduled on your own)
• Project team meetings (scheduled on your own)
• Workshop session “homework” assignments (participants will be encouraged to work
collaboratively with their team to complete these interactive assignments)


SUBMIT Application

• Submit the online application form by 1/11/2019.

SUBMIT Letter of Recommendation

• One (1) letter of recommendation is needed from an individual who can attest to applicant’s professional potential and developmental needs.
• Letter of recommendation should include:

    •  How recommender knows applicant, including length of time
    •  Description of professional capacity recommender has worked with the applicant
    •  Recommended leadership development needs for applicant

• Letter of recommendation should be submitted by 1/11/2019 to

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. I am not classified as a millennial. May I apply for this program?
There is no age restriction for this program. Professional women with 1-15 years of professional
work experience in their specific industry or company are highly encouraged to apply.

2. Can I apply if I have 20 years of work experience in one industry/company but have recently
changed careers or entered a new industry/company?
Career changers with 1-15 years of professional work experience within their new
industry/company are highly encouraged to apply.

3. Is this program open to men?
No. Currently, this program is specifically designed to support the unique career experiences of
women so we are only accepting applicants from women at this time.

4. I’m not African American, Native American, or Hispanic/Latina, but I am underrepresented in my
industry. Am I eligible for this program?
Yes. The goal of this program is to help bridge the professional diversity gap for women of color and
other women who are underrepresented in their professional industries. Professional women who
are underrepresented in their professional industry of employment are highly encouraged to apply
regardless of their ethnicity.

5. Is this program restricted to professional women in a particular sector (private or public) or specific
No. This program is seeking a diverse pool of participants within the cohort and will utilize the
robust You Can’t Fail, Inc., network to ensure program participants receive a mentor who is a senior
leader in their specific industry to assist with the various components of their career planning.
Applicants of all sectors and industries are encouraged to apply.

6. What is meant by “demonstration of leadership and professional top talent”?
We are seeking to identify, develop, and connect top talent participants with this program.
Applicants should be able to provide examples of how they demonstrate their leadership and
professional top talent within their communities or workplace.

Words from Last Year’s Millennial Women Making Moves Learning Community:

“Thank-you for providing a space for self care.  My heart and my mind is fulfilled.  I truly enjoy Gwen’s presentations.”

“These sessions open my eyes on different levels that are going to help me unlock my power of leadership.”

“I enjoy how professional and impactful this cohort is.  I feel privileged, energized and in the right place for growth and relationship building.  This group of women is amazing.  I am grateful!”

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