Since 2009, You Can’t Fail Conferences have provided strategically designed multicultural leadership development experiences for women, with an emphasis on developing professional women of color. To date, more than 700 women have attended the conference and related You Can’t Fail events.

You Can’t Fail, Inc. Events and Collaborations

Now that our organization is officially incorporated, in addition to the Annual Conference, the You Can’t Fail, Inc. Board of Directors will host additional You Can’t Fail, Inc. events throughout the year to help participants develop specific strategies that will increase their ability to become effective women leaders:

  • For emerging women leaders: You Can’t Fail, Inc. will help emerging leaders sustain skills learned at the You Can’t Fail conference or in the workplace through additional leadership and networking events.
  • For seasoned executive women leaders: You Can’t Fail, Inc. will support ongoing development of this group by hosting Executive Forums facilitated by Founder, Gwen Webber-McLeod, and guest speakers, on topics of interest to women who have been leading professionally for ten years or more.

Every year, You Can’t Fail, Inc. will also seek opportunities to collaborate with other women’s organizations on events that will enhance women leaders’ ability to lead

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